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Water Absorption Bathroom Mat

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Experience a spa-like sensation when stepping out of the shower or bath with Water Absorption Bathroom Matwhich is memory-foam bath mat.
Thanks to its thick memory-foam interior, the mat envelops and cushions your feet, offering a warm, dry and comfortable place to stand.
It can also work well in front of a vanity for standing ease when getting ready in the morning. 


The mat is high quality, super-absorbent microfiber exterior encapsulates the memory foam core and soaks up water like a sponge.
Unlike less absorbent traditional bath mats, the microfiber mat holds four times its weight in water, absorbing water quickly and ensuring reliable performance.
Stepping onto other bath mats can feel cold and clammy, but with this Water Absorption Bathroom Mat, you can count on ultimate comfort.

Moreover, Water Absorption Bathroom Mathas Anti-slip Bottom, make bath mat stick firmly on the floor.

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