Solar Power Mole Repellent

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★ HOW IT WORK: Emit a beep sonic of 400Hz and vibrate every 30 seconds. Moles, snakes, gophers, voles, rat mice and other rodents feel the sound and vibration highly irritating so flee from the protected area.

★ HUMANE & EASY to USE: No troublesome chemicals or nuisance pesticide, no traps, no dead animals. Dig a hole, inserted the items into the ground. Make sure at least 2 inches above the ground

★ COVERAGE AREAThe effective area of this mole repeller is 625 square meters. To maximize the spread of the sonic and vibration, we strongly recommend an installation of every 15 meters or so.

★ ECONOMICAL ENERGY: The mole repeller should be placed properly to get maximum exposure of the sunlight, only in that way can the batteries be charged as fully as possible.


1: This machine should be installed at 80-120 centimeter away from the floor and should be vertical to the floor and plug to the power socket

2: The installing point should be avoided from carpet, curtain etc attaching sound material. or else, the decrease of the sound pressure will do harm on the helminths effect. it's normal that the mouse and vermin will increase at the beginning of the using days. Because they will get away from their living place after the attack of the ultrasonic.

3: This machine can be plugged directly to AC220V(or 110v)power socket.

      Note: moisture proof, waterproof

4: Don't clean the machine by high pressure water. Use a dry and soft cloth with some neuter wash to clean the machine

5: Don't drop the machine and make strong striking on it. Using environment temperature: 0-40 C

To increase the effect, you should use several sets of the machine at the warehouse or goods pile-up several rooms.


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