Sharp Black Spikes for Medium/Large Dog Collar and Leashes

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THICK & SOFT PU LEATHER ADVANTAGE -As you know, it's hard to hold a macho badass dog. Always the leather is ripped when you walking or training with them. This soft thick PU leather will get you out of the misgivings

DOG NECK DEFENDER BY SHARP RIVETS -The most bothersome situation is your pet get out of your control and attacked by others. The sharp spikes will make he or she get all jacked up before you can do anything.

CHORMED D-RING FOR LEAD ATTACHING -A heavy duty D-ring which studded by for mushroom reviets plated for leash attachment, sturdy enough for walking or training dogs


XS    5.0*51cm (15-18inch / 37-45cm)

S       5.0*56cm (  17-20inch / 42-50cm)

M      5.0*61cm (  19-22inch/ 47-55cm)

L       5.0*66cm (  21-24inch / 52-60cm)

Leash Size:Chain Size:3.5mm*30cm ;   Handle size:2.5*25cm;   Spring Size:75cm

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