Portable Ultrasonic Mosquito Repeller

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 The ultrasonic sound wave will imitate the same frequency as dragonflies to keep female mosquitos away from you. Mosquitos are very sensitive about the created ultrasonic frequency so that they will no longer disturb you; No radioactive and the sound wave is under 45dB, which has no influence on humans.

With a small light shining your surroundings when you are in dark.

A perfect solution for your summer mosquito protection. Safe and non-toxic to human and animal, good company for traveling, fishing, barbecue, camping;

The ultrasonic sound wave can be continuously working for about 400 hours and the light for about 30 minutes.   


Pest Type: Mosquitoes
Rated Voltage: 220-240V
Repellent Type: Ultrasonic Pest Repellers
Net Weight: 26g
Cycles:8,500- 10,000
Battery: Button Cell Battery
Effective Range:1-2m

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