Portable Solar Mosquito Repeller

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Solar Mosquito Repeller for outdoor activities amateurs, there is a big trouble about the surrounding mosquitoes and insect. They will make the skin urticant even will cause fester. Our mosquito repeller will help you. It is compact, light weight and portable, can be hooked on your clothes, bags or suitcases. No need power charging or battery and powered by solar energy. Just put there facing with sunshine, turn on the switch, they will work to repel the annoying mosquitoes and insects by the sound wave, non-toxic, no radiation, safe and high efficient. With a compass on it, very helpful in outdoor activities. Worth buying!


Condition:100% Brand New

Material:ABS Plastic

Mosquito Repellent Range:5 square meter

Power:Solar Power

Size:Approx.9 x 7cm / 3.5 x 2.7in

Package Weight:34g


Package Included: 

1 x Solar Mosquito Repeller

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