Mobile Phone Double Insurance Waterproof Bag

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1. Double Insurance:Double Insurance Waterproof System, Surface frosting treatment, Comfortable Feeling, High-Quality, IP*8 waterproof, 30 meters Waterproof depth that water will never come inside when underwater within 30M.

2. Sensitive Touch Screen:Tactile & Tough Fabric, Using conveniently, will not affect the operation when put in the waterproof bag that you can also play games, take photos, send massages.

3. Double-Sided Transparent:Clear underwater photography, Fashion trends,  Absolute right Choice.

4. Reinforced Hanging Belt:More Safety.

5. Photo Windows:Will not affect taking photos, more convenient.

6. With Armband:Can be used in water entertainment.


Type of sports: River Trekking, Swimming, Surfing, Diving
Size: L
Weight:  71g
Length: 18CM*10.5CM
Color: Blue/Orange/White/Black/Pink/Tranparent
The scope of Waterproof: Within 30M
Farbic: PolyVinyl Chloride, ABS

product badges