LED Night Light Bug Zapper

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Build in LED chips emit blue attractant ultraviolet rays that attract mosquitoes and other flying insects, effective coverage area and lure insects to the machine, and then they will be zapped by powerful electric shock.

2-in-1 design, which means you can use it as a night light and a mosquitoes zapper.

Compared to smelling mosquito-repellent incense or a hand-controlling mosquito swatter, this gadget is safer and labor-saving for you

Easy to use, can be used indoors or outdoors in any standard bulb fixture, great for outdoor balcony and garden or other places with rainproof, keep fly bugs out of your house.


Repellent Type: Ultrasonic Pest Repellers
Rated Voltage: 110-240V
Pest Type: Flies,Mosquitoes
Size: 15.5 x 7.6 cm/6.10 x 2.99 inch (H x D)
Lure power: 0.8W
Lighting power:15W
Applicable area: about 30 square meters
Suitable for voltage: EU 220V/US 110V

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