Inflatable Pool

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This product is made of environmentally friendly PVC material, independent balloon streamlined design, wall seamless heat fusion technology,

dual Inflatable crystal layer bottom, soft and full security. Can be Children's toys by the American Association for product safety testing, 

without any toxic side effects, for infants and children to play, recreation, bathing purposes. 

Please do not pour boiling water and avoid the pool Damage. 

Should first put cold water and put the hot water temperature for the human body can take a bath.

Pool Features:

1, both inside and outside the pool with a unique full printing, brilliant colors, can stimulate the baby's optic nerve.

2, using double crystal bubble bottom, more comfortable and safer.

Three layers independent security airlock, respectively inflatable needed, with several layers of inflatable layers, more convenient and practical.

4, all the airlock using uniform safety plug gas leak, do not even open the airlock leak, deflate just hand grabbed For airlock, 

or insert deflated stick (configured in the pool) can be.


Inflatable swimming pool inflatable - deflated.

1. Remove the product, expand the tile in place, then the inner wall of the pool was a vacuum shrink the state, do not apply tear;

2. open the valve at the bottom of the pool to inflate until the semi-saturation can, then turn right from the bottom up three gas

Rooms were inflated. Charged layer on timely Gaiyan valve to prevent leakage;

3. when deflated, open the valve cover, the bleed valve, is inserted automatically deflated.

New inflatable products, when the beginning of the general use of a little PVC material taste, all products are manufactured through strict testing and quality certification, environmentally friendly materials, absolutely non-toxic harmless.

Tips for using inflatable swimming pool;

1, the large temperature difference between north and south in winter, do not inflated immediately after receive of goods, wait before proceeding to soften slightly inflated material;

Prevent hypothermia caused due to the material hardens, man-made damage in the external force;

2, it should be noted first inflatable full can reach 8 points, and then later use fully charged, extended product life.

Usually 3-5 days once regular gas-filled;

3, after the first inflatable products, please do not used immediately, the new product needs a buffer process started, two hours left

The right to be full before using the product fully finalized, after it does not matter;

4, the use of the ground level, no sharp objects. When cleaning with a cotton cloth to wipe sticky, soapy water, do not use a hairdryer.


Inflatable Pool Notes

1, the number of infant swimming discretion depending on the season, 10-20 minutes / time required

2, parents should guide or train after doctors at home before the baby swimming;

3, should take appropriate infant swimming neck ring, the whole process must have someone care.





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