Electric Mosquito Swatter

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Hot summer is coming! You really need this mosquito swatter. 3 layers large electric. It can shock the mosquito quickly and the mosquito cannot escape from the high-density mesh. Large size design also features high-efficiency mosquito-killing. Enjoy a comfortable summer night. 


The inner layer is made up of aluminum net, high efficiency electric shock and outer protective net. It is safe, effective, good quality and durable.

Frosted surfaces can effectively reduce scratches.

The electric mosquito swatter handle adopts antiskid design. It is better to hold and grasp.

2 AA batteries powered, easy to install and operate.

Streamline design, beautiful and easy to use.

You can use this product to kill the cockroach, spider and insect.



1. Install 2 AA batteries.

2. Mosquito control method: Press the middle button of power switch, and the work indicator light is on, then the middle layer has high voltage electricity. Wave the swatter to touch the mosquitoes, and mosquitoes were killed instantly. Release the button switch, the work indicator goes out, the power network is out of power.


Matters needing attention:

1. Don't make it as toys for children.

2. Do not use in flammable gas or liquid place, do not often use metal and other conductive substances to spark on the net.

3. Don't wash with water or wipe with the wet towel. The mosquito remains can be removed by using long soft brush or tapping.

4. Please replace batteries immediately once electricity runs out, and placed in a dry place, prevent moisture.

5. Streamline design, beautiful and easy to use.



Size:approx. 51 X 22 X 3.5cm/20.07 X 8.66 X 1.37inch

Material:The shell is environment-friendly plastic, and the net is iron + aluminum

Product power:3W

Rated power:50/60HZ

Net weight: approx.218g


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