Double Sided Lint Remover

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STRONG ADSORPTION ABILITY:Made from strong lint removal ability velour fabric and plastic handle, the velour surface quickly and completely removes lint, dust and pet hair in one easy motion.

DOUBLE SIDE SURFACE:Two-sided design, compact and convenient to use. Twice the pick-up capacity of one-sided brushes. Convenient left or right hand use. The arrow tip on the handle to indicate the direction of the velour fabric. Remove the lint from your clothes by brush against with the fabric direction, while get rid of the lint from the brush by along the fabric direction.

EASY STORAGE:Portable size of 9.4" x 2.4" for easy storage; Brush Part size: 4.4" x 2.1"; Hole design at the end of the handle makes it easy and convenient to hang. Absolutely a space saver, do not take much room.

PROTECT YOUR CLOTHES:Our brush has a strong lint removal ability, remove the lint thoroughly from all kinds of clothes. Will not damage to any kind of fabric.

WASHABLE:Easy to clean up, can be washed, but water temperature better to be no more than 40℃.


product badges