Bug Zapper Trap Lamp

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This electronic bug zapper utilizes a high-frequency blue light to lure flying insects during the day or night to form a practical, efficient, hygienic and automatic electronic insect extermination system. Flying or crawling insects nearby will be attracted to the light and approach the electronically charged metal grid which will result in their electrocution.

1. This killer can be used in the bedroom, hall, hotel, office, chicken farm, stock farm and any other place where needs to kill mosquitoes.

2. It isn't necessary to add insecticide when you are using, poisonless and pollutionless, which is harmless to your health.

3. Making use of the blue light from special light tube to lure insects such as mosquitoes, flies, etc and then the high voltage will kill these insects.

4. Scientifically designed to operate smoothly, yet plastic shield protects users upon touching the unit. The special designed inner blue light is harmless to human bodies and pets.

5. Soft light, low-consumed light, making the conjugal room more brilliant.

6. With high-quality internal components, it can operate continuously during any time of the day or night.


Use: Catch all mosquitoes, flying insects
Dimensions: 11cmx11cmx25cm
Length of cable: 1m
Suggested using height: 0.8-1.2m

1. The killer is designed with power saving, decorating, soft lights, so it should be used in a place without strong lights -- using the killer in bed-room without turning on any other lights for 10-20 minutes, or put the killer in the darkness under a table while studying, are all good ways to use this killer.
2. The suggested using height is 0.8-1.2m, and the distance to the wall should over 0.3m. The best way is to put the killer before a door/ window or any other place where easy to kill mosquitoes.
3. We suggest using the killer 24 hours continually to extend the using limits of the fluorescent tube.
4. In the daytime, put some suitable bait in the killer's chassis and it can be used to kill flies.
5. To improve the killing efficiency of the killer, it is necessary to clean the dead bodies of mosquitoes on the wire net regularly, while turn off the power, open the classic, and sweep the wire net with the soft brush.

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