Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser +Toothbrush Holder

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MORE STURDY:More stable for automatic toothpaste dispenser to wall mount on the wall with double-sided adhesive(should give 24-48 hours for the glue to set before you put the toothpaste in!)

DUSTPROOF TOOTHBRUSH WITH COVER:Just press to paste automatic toothpaste dispenser and toothbrush holder, which protects toothbrush from being contaminated on wall mounted, clean and hygienic to use the toothbrush

AUTOMATIC TOOTHPASTE QUANTITATIVE EXTRUSION DISPENSER:Hands free to squeeze toothpaste with automatic toothpaste dispenser, never less, never more, get your suitable wall amount toothpaste, perfect for kids, elderly people and the disabled

DETACHABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN:Easily dispenser toothpaste, and can be easily detachable to clean, no concerning about untidy or being polluted after using a long time

SPECIAL FOR FAMILY AND GROUP USE:Holds up to 5 adult & children's toothbrushes of automatic toothpaste dispenser with toothbursh holder in order, perfect for shower and bathroom use


product badges